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Scope and combination of aluminum stairs ringlock scaffolding

Feb 22, 2019

The aluminum stairs ringlock scaffolding is used in a limited space and is very convenient to transport and carry. It can be installed in corridors, escalators, stairs, etc. The space is relatively narrow, and the small van can be loaded with all the accessories. Lightweight and flexible.
Aluminum stairs ringlock scaffolding can be easily placed on stairs and other handrails; thanks to its unique structure, it can be pushed through the general door; it is light, yet stable; easy to carry, can be removed and placed in a small van transport.
The aluminum stairs ringlock scaffolding frame is flexible and can be combined with different heights or different types of frame combinations. It is also corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free: all parts are specially treated with anti-oxidation, no rust and chemical corrosion, and the service life is up to 10 More than one year, no maintenance is required.