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Scaffolding application technology level

Sep 07, 2018

First: China's development of professional formwork companies also faces problems that need to be solved in terms of systems, management, and markets. With the restructuring of construction companies, it is believed that various formwork professional companies will appear soon, and the professionalization of mobile scaffolding will be the trend of development in the future. The state should encourage mold base companies to carry out reasonable production, produce and process according to certain standards and methods, and improve the level of scaffolding in China. The development of professional scaffolding company is conducive to the promotion and application of new formwork, improve construction speed and construction quality; it is conducive to the full use of construction equipment, improve the use of formwork; it is conducive to improve the construction technology level, cultivate a skilled construction team; The construction environment ensures the safety of the formwork construction.

Second: The company recommends that manufacturers with poor quality, low technical level and no production conditions for mobile scaffolding should be promptly exposed and warned, and ordered to suspend production for rectification if necessary. For manufacturers with reasonable production process, good product quality and strong technical force, they will issue product certification or quality certification. Different treatments are carried out for different business situations, so that there are rewards and penalties to ensure the smooth progress of the work.

Third: Strengthen the management of leasing mobile scaffolding enterprises, strictly supervise leasing enterprises must purchase scrap aluminum, fasteners and mobile scaffolding from manufacturers with “product certification”, and must not purchase aluminum alloys and fasteners from construction enterprises and waste products market. Organize relevant personnel to conduct quality inspections on key leasing enterprises on a regular basis, and disqualify them in time. It is recommended to actively carry out new mobile scaffold leasing business, assist construction companies to promote the application of new scaffolding, and improve the application level and safety of mobile scaffolding.