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Safety requirements for aerial work

Aug 20, 2019

Second, high-level operation safety requirements

1. Those who are engaged in high-altitude operations must apply for the "High-level Operation Permit" and implement safety protection measures before construction.

2. The approving personnel of the "High Altitude Work Permit" should go to the site to check and confirm the measures before they can approve the certificate.

High-level workers must be educated in safety and familiar with the site environment and construction safety requirements.

3. Before the operation, the operator should check the “High Operation Certificate” and check the safety measures before construction. Otherwise, the construction has the right to refuse.

4. High-level workers should wear labor insurance products in accordance with the regulations, and check before operation. Falling products and climbing equipment and equipment should be used correctly during the operation.

5. The high-level operation should have a guardian to supervise the high-level workers, and the guardian should stick to the post.