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Safety precautions for using aluminum scaffolding

Sep 08, 2018

Modern science and technology are developing rapidly, and new technologies, new materials, and new technologies are emerging one after another. Under this situation, new high-strength materials are emerging, and high-strength aluminum alloy materials are becoming more and more widely used. With the good use performance of aluminum alloy quick-loading scaffolds, it has gradually been recognized by the world. Therefore, it has been widely used in many domestic enterprises, institutions, hotel equipment maintenance and cleaning and cleaning.

However, due to factors such as the lack of training of the suppliers by the suppliers and the rapid flow of the users, it is inevitable that there will be some safety hazards in the use of the aluminum scaffolds.

Below, the safety construction process and precautions for aluminum scaffolding are described as follows:

First, security check

Before setting up and using scaffolding, please check the following to be accurate:

1. Inspect all components to ensure that the components are intact and the missing parts should be replenished or replaced in a timely manner;

2. Solder joint inspection: Ensure that all solder joints are not welded;

3. Pipe inspection: All pipe fittings are free of cracks; there are no obvious dents caused by crushing or bumping. Pipes with more than 5mm dents shall not be used;

4. The thread of the adjustable leg should be kept clean and lubricated.