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Safety notes of aluminum mobile scaffolding

Aug 24, 2018

Modern science and technology are developing rapidly. New technologies, new materials and new technologies are emerging one after another.In this situation, new high-strength materials are constantly emerging, and high-strength aluminum alloy materials are more and more widely used.With the good use performance of aluminum mobile scaffolding, it has been widely used in many enterprises, public institutions, hotels, equipment maintenance, cleaning stuff.

However, due to the insufficient training of users by the supplier and the relatively rapid flow of users, some safety hazards exist in the use of aluminum alloy scaffolds inevitably.

Below, the safety construction process of aluminum mobile scaffolding and points for attention are introduced as follows:

Safety inspection

Before constructing and using scaffolding, please check the following contents for accuracy:

1. Inspect all components to ensure all parts are in good condition. The defective parts should be replaced or replaced in a timely manner;

2. Welding spot inspection: ensure that all welding points are not welded;

3. Pipe inspection: no cracks in all pipe fittings;A distinct dent without a crush or knock.No pipe with more than 5mm dent shall be used;

4. The threaded part of adjustable leg should be kept clean and lubricated.