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Safety instructions for the installation of aluminum mobile tower.

Mar 27, 2018

The installation of the aluminum mobile tower is required to comply with relevant regulations to ensure safety. First of all, at least two technicians are on site to install and make sure that the correct installation method is used. At the time of construction, it is necessary to check whether the ground of the aluminum alloy mobile tower can bear the maximum bearing capacity required by the tower.

Secondly, before the construction of the aluminum mobile tower, the on-site staff need to carefully check all the parts and confirm that all the parts are qualified. After the tower installation is completed, use the level meter to test whether the tower is vertical. Remember, when the tower is removed, the order of demolition is reversed.

It should be noted that when the aluminum mobile tower is built separately, if it is used in outdoor environment, the maximum working platform shall not exceed eight meters. The maximum working platform should not exceed 12 meters when used indoors. If the relevant regulations are exceeded, the relevant experts should be consulted and corresponding protection measures shall be taken. Be sure to lock the caster and unlock it only when the tower is moving.

Third, to ensure the safety of the on-site installation, disassemble, or mobile or is safe during the work, must ensure there are no obstacles around the aluminum mobile tower.During erection, disassemble, movement and safety work, keep the wind up! And all tower use should have side protection, such as skirting board, fence and so on. If the tower is used outside, if the wind speed is more than 6, move the tower into the shelter or increase the anchor (such as an anchor) to prevent dumping.

Besides these considerations, before using aluminum mobile tower, also need to check the verticality of tower and safety caused by environmental changes, and modify the perfect, such as proper caster and the balance of the whole tower vertical adjustment. Keep in mind that no pedal can be used to connect the aluminum mobile tower and building. The tower can not be used as a staircase to climb other buildings.