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Safety and convenience of Aluminum Stairs Ringlock Scaffolding

Mar 22, 2019

Perfect engineering planning and design and advanced construction methods are the necessary factors to improve the quality of the project. The aluminum ladder scaffold can meet the needs of different terrains and structures for flexible design, and its various combinations and constructions are more stable than traditional bowl buckle scaffolds. Safe and reliable; easy to build and fast construction, it is the most economical, effective and safe system scaffolding.


Aluminum Stairs Ringlock Scaffolding are made of aluminum alloy material, which is greatly improved compared with the traditional scaffolding Q235 carbon steel pipe material; the complete mode structure makes the construction quality of scaffolding minimized by human factors; all products are hot-dip galvanized. Effective prevention of scaffolding causes a decrease in bearing capacity due to corrosion of materials during use, ensuring consistency of product performance.


The aluminum ladder scaffolding also has the characteristics of convenient construction. It can complete the frame erection without or with a small amount of manual tools, which improves the construction efficiency; the high bearing capacity product and the perfect structural design are compared with the traditional scaffolding dosage. Save steel consumption by 2/3 or more.


The construction efficiency of aluminum ladder scaffolding has more than doubled compared with traditional scaffolding, and the construction cost is half that of traditional scaffolding. The overall appearance of the frame is silvery, giving a refreshing feeling.