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Requirements for installing truss in winter

Jul 04, 2018

Although it is convenient to install aluminum alloy truss, there are some construction requirements, especially under such conditions as winter:

If there are conditions in the construction site of the truss installation, a drying box should be set with a drying temperature of 300 degrees centigrade and a time of 4-5 hours.It may also be ignored that the truss structure should meet the performance requirements of negative temperature coating if the coating is used. It is prohibited to use water-based coating. 


 Low hydrogen electrode with low yield strength and good impact toughness should be selected when welding the truss below zero degree.After the drying is qualified, it should be stored in the oven, and the temperature should be set between 80 and 100 degrees Celsius. When it is used, it should be taken out and placed in the heat preservation tube (pay attention to safety).

The high-strength bolts and ordinary bolts used in the installation of truss shall be certified as qualified products, and the high-strength bolts shall be used only when they meet the requirements.When installing truss at minus temperature, need to notice that because of temperature change caused by the change of the truss structure shape and size, if the truss is made at room temperature, if the temperature is negative degrees Celsius under the premise of installation, must take into account the negative temperature shrinkage of metal materials.Below zero degree Celsius, if the electrode is exposed more than 2 hours need to be baked again, but also want to notice, in order to ensure engineering quality, the number of times that the electrode is baked should not exceed 3 times.The basic electrode used at room temperature must be baked according to the specification of the certificate of manufacture before use. The electrode used should be raised by one grade.