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Range of aluminum mobile scaffolding

Mar 26, 2019

Range of aluminum mobile scaffolding

The overall structure of the aluminum mobile scaffolding adopts the "building block" combination design, no need to install any equipment, the pole connection is a coaxial socket, the crossbar is connected with the bowl buckle joint, and the joint has reliable bending and shear resistance. Torsion resistance function. Moreover, the axial line of each member intersects at one point, and the node is in the plane of the frame. Therefore, the structure is consolidated and reliable, and the bearing capacity is large.


Aluminum mobile scaffolding can be easily removed by hand, greatly improving the efficiency. Scaffolding is faster than 1/2 time faster than the buckle steel frame, 2/3 time faster than bamboo and wood scaffolding, the scaffolding frame is removed to bolt connection, and the components are resistant to impact. Hey, usually rust does not affect the homework, no need for unique maintenance and repair.


The aluminum mobile scaffolding frame series is standardized, and the components are stacked neatly, which is convenient for on-site raw material processing and meets the requirements of civilized construction. The aluminum mobile scaffold is mainly used for the inner roof of the building, the hall, the bridge, the viaduct, etc., or the main frame for the flying mold support; it can also be used as the inner and outer grille scaffolding for the high-rise building; and it is used to set up the temporary viewing platform and the grandstand.www.aluscaffold.com