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Pull the net stage -- again famous fold stage

May 04, 2018

The drawing stage is a structure that can be flexibly contracted and expanded like a dragnet, which is convenient and quick to use. It is not necessary to build the assembly, and the boards can be used directly.

Stage use:

Indoor and outdoor concert at the opening ceremony of the special net stage, small family the special promotion stage, type size press conference special stage, fashion catwalk shows special stage, T stage, glass stage, market promotion stage, produced the stage can be toughened glass on the shop, you can use.

Advantages of drawing stage:

1. Net structures, convenient and quick, the fashion and durable, atmospheric poise, more wear-resisting, bearing greater, this stage, in the stage of small volume, flexible use, customer T net stage, square stage, rectangular stage, all sorts of modelling, can be set up, this stage is strong, flexible net set up more than 20 minutes 60 square meters to 80 square meters, set up, which greatly save manpower, and time cost, more solid, Seine stage set up, the water on the shop template, and then spread on the red carpet, can use, is a cost-effective, high net stage.

2. The stage is more stable, easy to build and dismantle, and convenient for transportation and recycling, suitable for various meetings.

The platform is suitable for the company: celebration etiquette company, exhibition company, advertising company, enterprise unit, school, hotel, factory.

Specifications: 2*2 meters, 1.5*2 meters, 1.5*1.5 meters, 1.2*1.2 meters, 1.2*1.6 meters, etc. Other specifications can be customized.

Normal height: 40CM, 50CM, 60CM, 80CM, 100CM.

Material description: using high quality steel tube, ABS engineering plastic material, hot galvanizing process.

The stage is the space provided by the actors during the exhibition, which can focus the attention of the audience on the performance of the actors and achieve the ideal viewing effect. A stage usually consists of one or more platforms.

Stage transportation warehousing: this product is easy to transport, small in size, and greatly saves transportation or storage space.