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Production and surface treatment of aluminum truss

Jul 13, 2017

Aluminum truss is mainly used high-strength aluminum alloy material or 6082 - T6 material when in production to effectively welded together, because aluminum truss itself is one of active metals, When in the process of using the product,it is very easy to have chemical reaction with acid and alkali. 

Aluminum truss will be effective have chemical reaction when it is put in the water for a long time.In order to effectively provide the stability, its technical personnel must lift the ability of the acid and alkali resistance by useing oxidation treatment when using.

Aluminum trusses in the process of oxidation treatment, the surface will be attached with a layer of oxide film, in the process of use can effectively prevent the outside material of the products in a second interview, in order to overcome the aluminum alloy surface and resistance of defects, prolong service life, surface treatment technology to become an indispensable part.

The oxiden film on the surface of the aluminum trusses effectively change the surface state of performance in the process when using .Surface shading which is used for corrosion resistance when using, can effectively improve the product ability of corrision resistance and hardness and effectively protect the metal surface.

Aluminum Spigot Truss 1.jpg

                                                      Aluminum Spigot Lighting truss

Aluminum truss itself has many advantages,namely light quality that people can save a lot of their energy when assembling, the product itself has corrosion resistance and durability and other characteristics and the service life of the product can reach more than 10 years.

On average,aluminum truss bearing can effectively reach more than 600 kilograms which can effectively satisfy a variety of performance and other large equipment needs.

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