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Processing requirements and use advantages of aluminum trusses

Sep 04, 2017

Aluminum trusses in the process of making the main processing, cutting, processing and welding, polishing, painting and other combinations of a wide range of applications used in exhibitions, background layout, event celebrations, lighting, audio hanging and other systems, according to Site, built into a variety of medium and small different specifications of the truss system.


Aluminum trusses can be used in accordance with the specific requirements of its flexible combination of the entire product of light and easy to build and transport, the maximum span of its products can effectively reach more than 30 meters, aluminum compression and corrosion resistance is extremely strong. According to the shape can be divided into four square (angle) frame, tripod and shaped frame. According to the installation category can be divided into plug-type truss and screw-type truss.


The quality of the aluminum trusses is lighter than that of the conventional iron trusses, and the cost and energy of the construction and transportation are more costly and energy intensive. The products are more resistant to corrosion and have some durability. Of the anti-corrosion properties, its service life can reach more than 10 years.



Aluminum trusses

Aluminum trusses generally average load can reach more than 600kg. To meet the needs of a variety of performances, music and other large audio equipment, a complete set of aluminum truss system, mainly by a variety of different lengths and specifications of the aluminum truss base, anti-head, oblique support, square sets, cross, , Harness. To build a combination.


In the course of the construction, the aluminum trusses need to effectively position the four bases at the approximate position on the ground, and adjust the lower leg so that it is inserted into the lower part of the base of the four corners, , Each corner of the insert 2, total 8.

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