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Process characteristics and stress of aluminum tower China

May 13, 2019

Under the joint load of aluminum tower China distributed evenly along the span, the axial force of the upper and lower chords is the largest at the end point, gradually decreasing toward the span, and the axial force of the web is opposite. The triangular truss is mainly used in the roof truss of the tile roof due to the large difference in internal force of the chord and the material consumption is not reasonable.


The stress on the members of China's aluminum scaffolding has improved, and it is easier to meet the technical requirements of certain industrial plants in the roof truss. If the upper and lower chords of the trapezoidal truss are parallel to the parallel string truss, the force of the rod is slightly worse than the trapezoid, but the type of the web is greatly reduced, and it is mostly used in bridges and trestles.


Process characteristics of Chinese aluminum scaffolding


1, precision welding: large machines, water operations, multi-year technicians, professional welding, quality assurance.


2, baking process: car quality, professional paint room, precision paint process.


3, standard processing: large machine positioning, accurate hole position.


4, technology leadership: have their own rental installation company, first-line research and development, always leading.