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Process characteristics and design process of aluminum triangle truss.

Mar 29, 2018

Aluminum triangle truss has the enough strength in the process of design , so as not to have plastic deformation and fracture problem, aluminum triangle truss rigid enough a large elastic deformation occurs with enough stability in operation, is not going to happen in the process of operating the collapse caused by the sudden change in the form of balance, good dynamic characteristics, seismic and wind resistance.

Aluminum triangle truss requires the bar in the process of design, to a certain extent, should have good connection when operating, it effectively including the pin, the weld and rivet connections. These relate to the type of truss, the size and material of the bar, but first of all, statics analysis

Aluminum triangle truss has effectively contain all kinds of steel structure, no matter when operating load size, to a certain extent, and even many contents of light steel structure, its light technical code for building structure is only according to the characteristics of the "light" and defines some of the more specific content, scope and limited to single door frame

The technological characteristics of aluminum triangle truss.

1.professional welding,large machine,line production,skillful technician.

2.baking coating,professional coating room

3.Specification processing: large machine positioning, accurate hole position.

4.Technology leading: have own lease installation company, first-line research and development, always lead.