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Precautions for dismantling scaffolding

Nov 07, 2018

Besides, when the scaffolds are dismantled, an operating area will be set up. A warning sign will be erected around and a special person will be set up for monitoring.

Please wear the safety helmet, safety belt, leggings and soft-soled shoes before putting them on the shelf.

Mount, disassemble the vertical bar to embrace the vertical bar and then disassemble the last two buckles, when removing the big cross bar, scissors support, should first disassemble the middle buckle, then hold the middle, and then release the end buckle.

Adopt, we need one special person to command uniformly then disassemble the scaffold, up and down echo with harmonious actions, when untying with another relevant knot when, should inform the other party first, prevent falling.

The materials to be removed shall be placed in a designated place. The materials to be transported to the ground shall be sorted and stacked at the designated place. The removed fasteners shall be removed on the same day.

There is a need to strengthen the parts in the demolition work, should be strengthened before demolition, to prevent the collapse of the frame.

When removing, it is strictly prohibited to bump the power cord near the scaffold to prevent accidents.

During the disassemble process, can’t allowed to replace person in the middle of the process. If the replacement must be made clear of the demolition situation before you can leave, it is prohibited for single person to dismantle the operation.