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Portable aluminum scaffolding towers structure advantages and flexibility

Nov 12, 2018

The portable aluminum scaffolding towers is specially designed with a quick-fit removable connection structure to make the tower more stable. It also makes the construction work more flexible, easier and safer. The portable aluminum scaffolding tower is made of lightweight, sturdy aluminum alloy that is lightweight, easy to install, handle and store. Scaffolding weighs only 1/3 of the weight of traditional steel scaffolding, without worrying about crushing the ground.


In addition to the advanced and reasonable structural design, the portable aluminum scaffolding tower structure is safe, stable and safe to use. The overall structure adopts the “building block” combination design, the parts are standardized, and there are no parts. Without any installation tools, the two can quickly complete a simple work platform. Easy to move, with high-strength brake casters, it can be moved and locked at will, making it easy to use continuously in multiple different work locations.


The portable aluminum scaffolding tower is flexible and can meet the operational requirements of different terrain environments. Moreover, the components are treated with special anti-oxidation treatment, no rust and chemical corrosion, and the service life of the product is up to 30 years without maintenance.