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Outdoor aluminum stage features

May 16, 2019

The outdoor aluminum stage is made of aluminum alloy when it is used. It has a certain degree of safety, high structural strength, large bearing capacity, and fully meets the stability and load-bearing requirements of the stage. The stage bracket consists of three parts.


Outdoor aluminum alloy stage features


1. Omnidirectional detachable, only the board and stage inserts occupy the position, the stage brackets are all detachable.


2. Cost-effective.


3. Easy to disassemble and install, it adopts plug-type installation, no need to use any installation tools, an average of 100 square meters, two people can be built in 40 minutes.


4. Good stability and great bearing.


5. The activity stage, to meet the customer's demand for the flow of the stage, can be used as needed, convenient and fast.


6. Adjustable height: The adjustment base has two height adjustment ranges, 35 cm and 60 cm.


The outdoor aluminum alloy stage can be customized according to the different high speeds of its customers when it is used. It can directly adjust the height when it is used, and the fast loading stage can solve the unevenness of the ground, the height of the stairs, etc. The problem is that the adjustment principle is similar to that of the scaffolding adjustment, but the adjustment knob is reinforced, thicker than the adjustment knob of the scaffolding, and has a greater load-bearing capacity.