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Outdoor aluminum stage disassembly and assembly is fast

Jun 01, 2019

The truss of the outdoor aluminum stage has been used more and more in various activities, and the stage truss is quick to disassemble and disassemble, convenient to transport, and easy to store. A normal medium-sized stage can be built, which can be selected according to the specific situation of the site. Truss size. It can be seen that for the person in charge of the stage construction, understanding the selected stage truss size can better control the arrangement between the stage and the venue.


The outdoor aluminum alloy stage is safe and simple to design, easy to install and disassemble, and does not take up space to save on shipping costs. For the market situation where the labor costs are now higher and higher, the time-saving and labor-saving features have saved the rental company and the performance company a lot of long-term expenses.


In the old assembly stage, there were shared stage legs and stage singles between each stage, so the placement method will affect the number of accessories, and there will be insufficient accessories, and this stage will solve this problem. Just how you place it, only the area is the same, let you put on different shapes.


The outdoor aluminum alloy stage is installed, easy to disassemble, saves time and effort, and does not occupy space to save freight, and can be placed at will. When you want other heights, you only need to change the stage legs. This stage can be as low as 15 cm and the load is 750 kg per square.


Outdoor aluminum alloy stage lighting frame material structure


The outdoor aluminum alloy stage is generally made of aluminum alloy structure, which is made of aluminum round tube or square tube. The cross section is 40*40com. The length is one meter, two meters, three meters, etc. The screw vacancies can be connected to each other and the span can reach Twenty or thirty meters, with excellent load-bearing capacity, can be connected to all kinds of lighting and sound equipment, because it uses aluminum alloy material, it has strong resistance to pressure and corrosion, and its service life is much longer than that of iron frame. The frame structure is divided into base, counter head, square sleeve, diagonal bracing, beam, hoist, tie and so on.