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Notes on aluminum stage assembly

May 09, 2017

Here’s the notes in the process of stage assembly:

1.Stage height 

The height of stage usually takes 20cm,40cm and 60cm high;But The height can be adjusted according to

 the stage size.

Aluminum Wooden Stage 2.jpg

2.Security of the stage

As a professional stage manufacturer, stage security is the very important problem. For customers, if there 

are a lot of people stand on the stage or many things put on the stage, we can do the secure work in 


3.Beauty of the stage

After completing assembling the stage, then carpeted the whole stage which color can be customized and

 surround edge around the stage, after that,the stage will be a perfect shape.

4.Stage size

Aluminum Wooden Stage 3.jpg

When in the process of Stage assembly,they must have size limit, because its board has fixed specifications

.When determine the dimensions, we recommend to choose the size of the integerityx amount which is 

the most economic and effective way to do less work.

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