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New material for aluminum alloy stage truss

Oct 31, 2019

The new material replaces the steel-concrete structure, and the aluminum alloy stage truss field is undergoing a revolution. The price of local trusses in Hefei is fluctuating. The same products and the same brand also have price disparities. Such a market is unpredictable.

At present, a metal and ceramic plus rare earth material has non-thermal conductivity, and its strength and flexibility are superior to those of ordinary materials. The birth of this material also sounds the alarm that the traditional bulky and inflexible steel is about to be eliminated. .


The development of modern technology has provided consumers with more possibilities. The aluminum alloy stage truss raw materials began to change from bulky to light, from rough to fine, from general to aesthetic.

Lightness is one of its future development trends. Because of the cumbersome materials, traditional trusses are extremely labor-intensive and labor-intensive, whether it is logistics, transportation, transportation or installation. Labor costs and logistics costs have not been reduced. Imagine that when a person can easily lift a truss, many accidents are no longer a concern for outdoor activities.

In addition, aesthetic factors can not be ignored. When there is no difference in quality, consumers will choose the truss with higher aesthetics. Fine processing and exquisite appearance are another development trend in the future.

The price of the same brand is different, which depends on the difference of materials. The level of truss manufacturers is uneven, which leads to large fluctuations in product prices, with the country attaching importance to environmental protection. Some small raw material companies or some unqualified small workshops have been closed, so that some companies that rely on low-cost materials must raise prices. Therefore, whether the material is regular or not is considered when purchasing.