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Matters needing attention of Aluminum Bolt truss

Jul 11, 2018

Regardless of whether it is in production activities or in life, the use of trusses has become more and more extensive. In order to provide people with greater convenience, the types of trusses are also increasing. Aluminum trusses are among them. one type. In the actual manufacturing and application process, how to ensure the good use of aluminum bolt truss?


During the welding process, if the temperature is too high, the liquefaction reaction will occur on the side of the welded truss. Because the liquefaction reaction will be cooled quickly, a little irregularity will be found during high temperature welding. transsexual. Therefore, when you choose the aluminum truss frame, you must carefully observe whether the welding points are symmetrical.


The aluminum bolt truss itself is a large structure of stressed metal, so it must be forged and welded many times before the aluminum truss is formed, and welds are needed after each welding, so pay attention to the weld Molding. In short, it is necessary to select a high-quality, standard-sized aluminum bolt truss, to have sufficient hardness, to ensure that the quality of the aluminum bolt truss is good, so that the structure is not easily deformed.