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Maintenance of aluminum ringlock scaffold

Jun 06, 2019

The components of the aluminum ringlock scaffold are lightweight and easy to install, handle and store. Scaffolding weighs only 1/3 of the weight of traditional steel scaffolding, without worrying about crushing the ground. The joint strength of the components is high and stable, the design of the support mechanism is scientific, and the overall structure is safe and stable. The damage pull-off force of the Guanyu scaffold joint reaches 4100-4400Kg, which is much larger than the allowable pull-out force of 2100Kg. The 12-meter-high double-width frame can support up to 500Kg.


The overall structure of the aluminum bolt scaffolding adopts a "building block" combination design, the components are standardized, and there are no loose parts. Without any installation tools, two workers can build a 20-meter aerial work platform in a short time.


Maintenance of aluminum bolt scaffolding


1. Aluminum bolt scaffolding regularly cleans the ladder to prevent certain chemicals from eroding the surface of the ladder. Check the joints regularly and add lubricant if necessary.


2. If the ladder material is bent, broken or the connector does not work properly, be sure to contact the manufacturer for professional repair.


3. Poor environmental conditions will reduce the service life of the ladder. Generally speaking, the service life is 2 years indoors and 1 year outdoor.


Aluminum bolt scaffolding requirements before use


1. Make sure that all rivets, bolts and nuts and moving parts are tightly connected, and the steps and steps are firm and reliable. The circlip and hinge work well.


2. The ladder is kept clean and free of grease, oil, wet paint, mud, snow, etc.


3. The operator's shoes are kept clean and no leather shoes are allowed.


4. Seat belts should be provided when the height of the ground exceeds 1.5 meters.