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Main structural composition of aluminum couble bolt truss

Nov 29, 2018

The aluminum couble bolt truss is lightweight, easy to set up and transport, and it is more stable and reliable with its double-bolt fastening structure. Under normal circumstances, a complete set of aluminum couble bolt truss system is mainly composed of aluminum alloy trusses, bases, counter heads, diagonal supports, square sleeves, cross arms, hoists and slings of different lengths and specifications.


The base of the aluminum couble bolt truss can be made of iron or aluminum, and the main function of this component is to strengthen the stability of the ground. The counter-head is used to build a higher height, and it can be used to achieve a higher height by the reverse head. The diagonal bracing is used to support the stability of the entire system of the aluminum alloy truss. The height of the beam can be easily adjusted by the square sleeve during use.


The crossarm is located at the very top of the aluminum couble bolt truss system and is mainly used for lanyard hoists. The hoist can be divided into two types: hand-drawn and electric hoist, which are used to lift aluminum trusses. The sling refers to the ties used to connect the hoist to the aluminum couble bolt truss.