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Lightweight and compressive capacity of aluminum triangle bolt truss

Oct 25, 2018

The quality of the aluminum triangle bolt truss is relatively light, and in general it is half the weight of the traditional iron truss, saving more cost and effort for construction and transportation. It has certain corrosion resistance and durability during operation. Its aluminum triangular bolt truss itself has excellent corrosion resistance and its service life can reach more than 10 years.

The aluminum triangle bolt truss has a certain pressure resistance. Generally, the average load-bearing capacity can reach 600kg or more during the production process. Meet the needs of a variety of performances, music and other large audio equipment. The aluminum triangular bolt truss mainly consists of the following: 6061-T6 type, 3mm thick circular aluminum, 10mm thick triangular aluminum plate and end ring piece (the plug truss also includes the bolt connector).

Under normal circumstances, a complete set of aluminum triangle bolt truss system is mainly made up of various lengths, different specifications of aluminum alloy trusses, bases, counter heads, diagonal supports, square sleeves, cross arms, gourds, etc. Sling. Carry out the construction combination. The base of the product can be effectively divided into two types: iron and aluminum base. Mainly used for the stabilization of the ground.