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Lightweight aluminum lighting truss safety guarantee

Mar 04, 2019

With the increasing number of social activities, some large-scale events, shopping malls, concert venues are built without trusses, trusses are changing faster and faster, and lightweight aluminum trusses have gradually replaced traditional iron trusses. So, how about the safety of lightweight aluminum lighting trusses?
Many people think that the safety factor of iron trusses is relatively high, but we ignore the fundamental physical properties of aluminum alloy materials. If the resistance pressure is small, it is estimated to have been eliminated. The material selection of the Lightweight aluminum lighting truss is based on the aluminum alloy, which not only achieves a stable effect, but also achieves the ability to withstand pressure. The aluminum alloy is such a material that can ensure the smooth performance of the entire performance;
The advancement of Lightweight aluminum lighting truss production technology has also laid the foundation for the development of trusses. Different aluminum alloy truss specifications meet the various stage constructions. The four-point support principle also increases the carrying capacity of the stage. This safety factor has increased by a percentage point; In addition, the most outstanding feature of the Lightweight aluminum lighting truss is the quick-insertion truss. The overall structure is designed accurately, which provides a guarantee for safety.