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Lighting configuration and use effect of aluminum mobile wooden stage

Oct 31, 2018

The layout and installation of aluminum mobile wooden stage lighting configuration is a very professional technical project. If you do not make a reasonable plan, the lighting effect of the stage will be greatly reduced. To configure the professional stage lights, you must first understand The common light position of the stage truss is a very necessary part of the correct choice of configuration.

The surface of the aluminum mobile wooden stage is mainly from the front of the audience. The main function is the front lighting of the characters and the whole basic light spreading. The slap: the light on the outside of the mouth of the station, obliquely cast on the stage. It is divided into upper and lower layers, mainly auxiliary surface light, enhances facial lighting, and increases the three-dimensional sense of people and scenery.

The column light of the aluminum moving wood stage, the light projected from the inside of the mouth of the table, is mainly used for the illumination of the two sides of the character or the scene, and adds a sense of three-dimensionality and contour. The light from the top of the stage to the stage is divided into a row of top light, two rows of top light, three rows of top light, etc. from front to back. It is mainly used for stage lighting, enhances stage lighting, and has many scenes and props. Fixed-point illumination is mainly solved by top light.