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Knowledge of Popular Science of Aluminum Trusses

Oct 23, 2017


Aluminum trusses can also be called trusses, which are mainly used in a variety of exhibitions, performances and other occasions. In the process of processing production, aluminum trusses have to go through cutting, processing, welding, polishing, painting and a series of treatment. In practical applications, the general need to combine the specific size of the site, will be built into different specifications of the truss system.

For the user, can also be in accordance with the specific requirements of a flexible combination, which can reduce a lot of work. Compared to other similar products, the quality of aluminum trusses light, so whether it is transport or to build the work more convenient. As the raw material has a strong compressive properties and corrosion resistance, it can guarantee a longer use area. In order to meet the use of different occasions, can be built into different shapes, such as the Quartet (angle) frame, tripod and shaped frame.

In addition, in practical applications, the installation of aluminum trusses are also different, the user can choose. Often, a complete set of truss systems will typically include trusses, bases, antiques, sleeves, ramps, girders, gourds, and harnesses of different sizes and sizes to accommodate the combination.


Aluminum Bolted Truss 3.png

Aluminum Bolted Truss

In the production of aluminum trusses, usually the choice of raw materials is the high strength of aluminum alloy material. As the performance of aluminum itself is more active, easy with the external environment of the acid-base substances react. And if there is a long time in the water, then there will be some chemical reaction. Therefore, in order to ensure its stability, it is necessary to carry out special treatment of its surface.

At present, it is mainly used to oxidize aluminum trusses to enhance its corrosion resistance, this method is mainly in its surface to form a layer of oxide film. This layer of oxide film can prevent the external material on the corrosion of aluminum truss.

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