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Key factors in determining the quality of stage trusses

Nov 01, 2019

Efficiency is a term often emphasized by modern people. Recently, there was a discussion about the topic of "Opening in the second half of the year and how to complete the year in half a year." Bringing the lens closer to the company that is closely related to you, the workshop master discusses how to use the best welding technology in the shortest time to create the round tube or square tube truss that is most satisfactory to the customer. This is usually said to be productive. It is closely linked with the sales front end. As long as the goods are stored and supplied in time, the customer can feel the professionalism and credibility of a company. It is a symbol of the strength of the company.


The efficiency of a company wanders on every screw on the stage truss, at every meeting of intense discussion, on the perfection of every system, on the precaution of decision makers, in the wedding industry, or in each line. Industry, efficiency is a key factor in determining the next second state of the enterprise. High efficiency casts high quality, which is the goal of all truss manufacturers to fight for!