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Is the construction and construction of aluminum scaffolds safe?

Nov 27, 2019

Is the construction of aluminum scaffolding safe? This is a common question when many people first come into contact with this product.

Indeed, we often hear all kinds of accidents about scaffolding around us. The safety of scaffolding has always been the focus of the industry. However, based on product standards, human operations and many other factors, the accident rate is still high. But what about the safety of the new aluminum scaffolding?

Aluminum scaffolding originated in Europe and the United States, and has perfect product design, manufacturing and use standards in Europe, America, Hong Kong and Macao. In fact, it is a very safe, reliable and economical product. It is precisely because of this that in the Shenzhen area of Guangdong, the relevant government departments have also promoted the application of aluminum scaffolding in engineering construction.

However, because it is still in the initial stage of promotion, there is currently no perfect standard in China. All kinds of companies with mixed products can produce and sell their own products. Without any manufacturing experience and engineering experience, the products they provide cannot certainly guarantee absolute. Safety.

Our aluminum scaffolding is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the European Union EN1004 standard, and the load-bearing test is based on the EU safe load requirements. All products have been carefully designed and tested through the structural force of the frame. These measures have greatly improved the quality and safety of the scaffolding, and have improved the efficiency of the work to some extent.