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Is aluminum scaffolding safe?

Jun 21, 2019

Is aluminum scaffolding safe? How many layers of aluminum scaffolding are safe? These problems often plague the builders. Because in their minds, aluminum scaffolding is lighter than steel scaffolding, so worry about safety, build to a certain height is not safe and so on.


The safety performance of aluminum scaffolding is compared with steel scaffolding from the following aspects:


Due to the poor design of the steel pipe scaffolding, the steel pipe scaffold generally has two forms, one is a fastener type, the other is a door type, and the fastener type is flexible, but the following disadvantages are obvious; bulky, easy to rust, need a wrench, etc. The installation and installation process of the tool is laborious, and the accidental installation can hurt the worker. The installation time is very long, the workers work for a day, and it is very tiring to move the heavy steel pipe. The structure design of the portal scaffold itself has great defects. First, the frame structure has great problems. The overall structure is not coherent. For the convenience of access, the cross-connection of the bottom is broken, the overall structure is not firm, and the construction is simpler. The cross slanting bar is formed in the form of a cross, and the horizontal slanting bar without connection between the layers is connected, and only the pin is connected, and the pin is generally not fixed on the scaffold frame, and is separately separated, and the design itself has a large Defective door-shaped scaffolding can usually only be set up on three floors. If the height exceeds 6 meters, it can no longer be put up, and the shaking is very powerful. Safety performance is greatly reduced.


The design of the aluminum scaffolding avoided the shortcomings of many steel scaffolding from the beginning. Made of lightweight and high-strength aerospace-specific aluminum profiles, the material is light but very strong. The mounting structure is installed using a quick-fit mounting head. No installation tools are required for the construction and disassembly process. The installation is in place and the quick installation head is in place for quick inspection. The structural design is scientific and robust. The frame design of the aluminum scaffolding is all straight-through and vertical with a three-way connection (the form always used by the grid aluminum scaffolding) and is firmly welded. This is the key to the safety of aluminum scaffolding.