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Instructions for truss assembly

May 09, 2017

Truss is very important on stage to hold up the stage, the way of assembly is also very important, a good method to build the truss will be strong and durable,Here’s intruduction of assembly:

1, first,put the pillar on the ground.

2, connect all the beam on the ground;

Aluminum Bolted Truss 1.png

3, Erect adjacent two pillars with someone holding to prevent collapse;

4, Put the beam in under the two pillars,each pillar put a ladder, a man hold one side of the beam, the other one hold the other side of the beam, then climb on the ladder at the same time to connect the beam on the pillars with scerws.

5, Atfer finishing the assembly of beam, there also needs some people to hold the pillars, to prevent its collapse;

Aluminum Bolted Truss 3.png

6, then erect third pillar in the same way to connect another beam, notice the connection angle between the beams to prevent collapse.

7, After finish erecting all the pillars,please check if all of the beams are good and screw is tight, prevent from sliping the buttons.

8, Decorate the light box and cloth screen.

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