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Installation requirements and precautions for aluminum double spigot truss

Oct 24, 2018

In the process of placing the aluminum double spigot truss, four bases need to be placed in the approximate position on the ground, and the lower legs are effectively adjusted so as to be inserted into the oblique support under the outer side of the base on the four corners in a horizontal plane. In part, two of them are inserted into each corner, for a total of eight.

When installing the aluminum double spigot truss, the anti-head should be screwed to the base. It should be noted that the direction of rotation of the counter-head should be the same as that marked in the figure. Set the square on the counter and connect the beam on the ground. Then, it is effective to connect the two ends of the beam to the two square sleeves on both sides, and the beam part is assembled on the ground.

The aluminum double spigot truss needs to be connected with the column truss lying flat, then one end is screwed on the counter head, the other end is screwed on the cross arm, and the hanging hoist and the cross arm are linked. The function of the hoist is to raise the bottom. The beam truss, multiple people together slowly erect the column truss, be careful not to push the column too much force, and then fix the screw on the counter head.