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How to set up construction of aluminum truss

Jan 10, 2019

Set up aluminum alloy truss, lighting frame process
Materials required for building a 12*6*6 meter light frame: 12 3-meter aluminum alloy trusses, 8 2-meter aluminum alloy trusses, 8 1-meter aluminum alloy trusses, 8 oblique supports, 4 iron bases, 4 inverted heads, 4 square sets, 4 transverse supports, 4 sling, 4 hoist, screws, etc.
Note: general use of aluminum truss column is 300*300MM cross section, truss beam if hanging things are not very reuse 300*300MM, if the span is large or hanging light reuse 400*400 or 450*450.

Aluminum alloy light frame construction method:
1. Set four bases roughly on the ground;
2. Insert the part under the oblique support on the outside of each base;
3. Fix the reverse head on the base with screws;
4. in the head of the square cover;
5. Link the beams;
6. The two ends of the beam and the two sides of the square sleeve butt joint link, at this time part of the beam on the ground are assembled;
7. Connect the column truss horizontally, then screw one end on the reverse head and the other end on the crossarm, and link the hanging hoist and crossarm, the role of the hoist is to lift the beam truss below;
8. More than one person together to the column truss slowly erected, pay attention to do not force too much to push the column, and then fix the back head of the screw;
9. After the column is erected, hook the lower part of the hoist to the lower beam through the sling;
10. 4 people slowly pull the lifting hoist to pull the beam to the left and right of the head of the person;
11. Install light and sound equipment on the beam;
12. 4 people together to pull the hoist to a predetermined height to stop;
13. Tighten one end of the oblique support and the column, and the other end and the transverse support of the base, so that the gantry frame is completed.

Material description: the oblique support diagonal bar is aluminum alloy bar for steel, the base has iron and aluminum, the cross arm for steel, truss, square sleeve, square head, head back all aluminum alloy material.

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