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How To Select The Lighting Truss

Jan 09, 2019

Lighting truss is mainly used for important equipment used in the stage performance activities, not only has a more beautiful appearance but also has high strength and resistance to bending capacity, due to different manufacturer production of light on the use of performance with different degree of difference, in order to choose the better quality the lights of the frame to use should be paid attention to related people select details.
So, how should people choose good-quality truss?

How to choose a lighting truss?

1. Reliability of dealers.
As responsible for the distribution of light aircraft more merchants to make sure to buy quality guaranteed and good performance of light, people should pay attention to the reliability is responsible for the dealer sales light frame, which not only requires the have better reputation in the industry as well as between users, but also should require its business for a long time so as to better protect consumer rights and interests of consumers.

2. Pay attention to raw materials and weight.
Due to the lighting truss frame is mainly used to cooperate with stage to form the stage to perform activities, in order to ensure the safety of people at the scene of the stage in choosing raw materials and its use should be paid attention to when the lighting truss weight, etc., such as the use of aluminum alloy material is made of light frame has a better ability of resistance to bending and the use of performance, and lighter in weight to have certain advantages.

3. Pay attention to the status of processing.
In order to effectively prevent rust corrosion condition light frame production manufacturers often coated with a protective layer on the surface, and also will use a good welding process to ensure that the light frame welding position of seamless and smooth condition, thus people when choosing good quality light frame should be fully identified from aspects of the protective coating and welding quality light frame processing condition.

The above content is what people should be paid attention to when choosing good quality light frame of the relevant points of choose and buy, in order to be able to help people choose the quality assured in the actual purchase of lights used in stage should not only pay attention to the above three contents, but people should also pay attention to choose in light aircraft company rankings from the previous distributor home purchase, to ensure that the product used in stage activities using performance and security.