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How to prevent luminum tower scaffold from falling?

Sep 18, 2019

How to prevent luminum tower scaffold from falling? Work at heights to prevent people from falling and hurting people should do the following:

1. Luminum tower scaffold Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirements: If the luminum tower scaffold is about 3 meters above the ground level, the worker must be equipped with a personal fall protection device.

2. When the aluminum scaffold is erected or removed, the full-time security officer must decide when to use the fall protection device.

3. For most aluminum scaffolding, protective railings must be installed at all sides and at both ends of the frame. For supported scaffolding and other forms of scaffolding, protective railings or personal fall protection are sufficient. However, both blue aluminum scaffolding, protective railings and personal fall protection devices are required. Also use a safety harness instead of a safety belt to prevent personal fall.

4. When the luminum tower scaffold platform is less than 35.56 cm, the working side does not need to be a protective railing. The operation surface of the plastering and slats shall be 45.72 cm, so the outer extension of the steel girders and the fa├žade of the building shall not exceed 7.62 cm.

5. For supported aluminum scaffolding, the distance between the upper rail and the operating platform is between 96.52 and 114.3 cm, and the upper rail must be able to withstand 200 lbs. (The load requirement for a single-point or double-point sling blue frame is that the 45 kg middle rail is placed between the operating platform and the upper rail and must be capable of supporting a force of 67.5 kg. When using a dense mesh, closure or panel, Set up the upper railing. (The dense mesh design and installation can meet the protection requirements)

6. On the luminum tower scaffold aisle, the gap between the scaffolding board and the protective railing shall not exceed 24.13 cm. Do not leave construction waste on scaffolding to avoid pedestrians