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How to match the oblique support of aluminum alloy scaffolding

Nov 30, 2019

As we all know, the oblique support is an important part of the aluminum alloy scaffold, which is directly related to the stability and safety of the aluminum alloy scaffold. According to the requirements of the European Union EN1004 standard, the double wide scaffold platform height should exceed 3.2 meters, and the diagonal support should be configured.

When placing the aluminum scaffolding for the oblique support, place the position of each foot at the same distance.

After the first layer is erected, the required foot parts and the lock clip are telescopically adjusted so that the oblique support is firmly in contact with the ground. Be sure to install the clips and link fasteners in order. When the scaffold is in the target position, fasten the lock clip.

When using scaffolding against a wall, do not remove the diagonal braces (many user bitmaps are convenient and not erected, which is a very dangerous way), but are placed parallel to the wall. When using scaffolding in the corner, remove the internal diagonal support and place the outer diagonal support parallel to the wall.