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How to maintain the stage truss

Mar 10, 2018

The stage truss is very important for the stage construction. It is an indispensable device both indoors and outdoors. The use of the stage truss is not a one-time use but is repeated, so it is necessary to understand the maintenance. Good stage truss, then how do we maintain the stage truss?


1, Do not clean the same as cleaning other furniture, wipe with a rag to wipe, after a long time will cause friction on the truss surface, lose the original gloss, so that the stage truss looks very worn. Even if you use a rag, you can't use rough cloth or old clothes because it will scratch the stage truss.

Do not use soapy water and detergents for cleaning, because soapy water and detergents are all alkaline substances, which will cause corrosion of the trusses and reduce the life of the stage truss.

2. The surface of the stage truss is easily corroded, so regular anti-corrosion treatment is required for the trusses. Spray wax or anti-corrosion anti-rust paint after removing the embroidered part. In addition, the pins and rivets at the joints must be inspected regularly to ensure their firmness, avoiding hidden dangers during the performance and causing serious consequences.

3. If the stage truss is painted and sprayed, wipe it with water.