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How to maintain and choose the lighting aluminum truss?

Jul 21, 2018

The quality and age of the illuminated aluminum truss are inseparable from the daily maintenance work. Only by doing the maintenance work can we make it better for us. In fact, the maintenance of this type of truss is technically savvy. First, it needs to be scrubbed every day. How to scrub it is also required.


Moreover, when cleaning the aluminum truss, it is not possible to use the detergent used in the ordinary time. It will cause damage to the surface of the truss. It is necessary to select a cleaning agent according to the material of the illuminating aluminum truss. Product hazards.


Lighting aluminum truss is mainly used to set up stage lighting equipment. It can be said that it is very common in some events, etc. When choosing, it is to choose quality problems. Only good quality, lighting aluminum truss can be better in the process of use. Security issues are guaranteed.


The lighting aluminum truss is selected according to the design of the venue, because the effects of different styles are different, and only the selection of the style can bring good results; when choosing the lighting aluminum truss, pay attention to the high problem. It is also closely related to our safety.