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How to maintain aluminum stage

Apr 21, 2017

How to maintain aluminum stage

Stage of aluminum truss has high intensity which can withstand a lot of pressure, but also need to maintain it.

1. Scheduled maintenance is necessary to check the components on stage if there has corrosion on truss surface, as the parts such as pins and R clips are made of steel that will be easily corrded by environment, if they are corroded critically,please replace them right now.

2. Please use soft rag to clean the stage and truss surface, wipe slowly, don’t use rough rap and unspecialized detergent.

Aluminum Wooden Stage 2.jpg

3. When finding the stage and truss is under serious damage,please replac them immediately or consult manufacturer to enquiry the method, but don't deal it personally to avoid hidden trouble. 

4. Please use professional tools to dismantle stage and truss, do not exceed the loading it marks.

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