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How to install the aluminum mobile tower?

Aug 22, 2019

1.1 Product overview:Aluminum Alloy mobile scaffolding tower is a new type of movable  Aluminum combination scaffolding type, widely used in various indoor building projects, the construction, decoration and various high-altitude operations; the structure is characterized in that the flexible combination, easy and quick installation, convenient mobile scaffolding, safe and reliable performance. Aluminum mobile tower is a new type of scaffolding system in construction and decoration in the field, the combination mode of flexible, can more easily meet the requirements of the project construction work.

1.2 Instructions guide:the relevant safety instructions apply to this document is the aluminum mobile tower, the user must do the following: (1 ensure compliance with the relevant provisions) local, regional and national. (2) observed in this guide to the safety operation regulations. (3) to ensure that in the process of using the personal guide, at the same time to comply with the The content of

1.3 To ensure that the user must pay attention to: (1) to comply with the terms of security. (2) to confirm whether the aluminum mobile tower through testing and certification, install and use it to meet the requirements. (3) Contract comply with operational instructions.