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How to identify the safety of aluminum ladders

Jan 19, 2017

First, the aluminum ladder load: kg load value is a very important reference. The higher the value, the rugged and safe. In this case,

Second, the aluminum ladder weight and purity: "aluminum" is a precious metal, the market price of aluminum is about 3-4 times the iron. Hands up to see, the more weight that material enough, no material reduction. In addition, the aluminum ladder material purity of the need to pay attention. The use of imported high-magnesium silicon aluminum alloy (No. A6063), T-5-treated high-grade aluminum, never mixed with aluminum scrap, 99.9% purity was durable. In this case,

Third, the aluminum staircase of the pillars (straight hand lever): It is best to have four sides of the square tubular aluminum tube, than the three sides of the aluminum-shaped column-shaped support is better. In this case,

Fourth, the appearance of the structure: observation of aluminum ladder straight hand lever and horizontal foot pedal at the junction of the structure.

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