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How to extend the life of scaffold

Nov 05, 2018

We know that scaffold has its useful life, theoretically 10 years. However, due to inadequate maintenance, deformation and wear, the service life is greatly shortened.

There are also improper storage in the case, resulting in the loss of parts, which makes production costs greatly increased.

To extend the life of scaffold, the following points should be noted:

First of all, take the cuplock scaffold as an example, the construction should be carried out in strict accordance with the planning to avoid unnecessary loss.

Some parts of cuplock scaffold are extremely fragile, so it is necessary to have professional personnel with certain experience to carry out construction, which can effectively reduce losses and ensure the safety of operation at the same time.

Second, keep it safe.

When placing scaffolding, waterproof and moisture-proof measures should be taken to avoid corrosion.

At the same time, the emission is orderly, which is convenient for standardized management and not easy to cause the disorder or loss of accessories. Therefore, it is better to have a special person to take charge of the collection and storage of the shelves and keep records of the usage at any time.

Third, regular maintenance.

Should regular to the shelf daub anti-corrosive paint, average biennial.

Humidity is relatively high in the area, require once a year, to ensure that the shelves will not rust.

For enterprises engaged in scaffolding leasing, extending the shelf life can increase the usage rate and create more benefits.

Of course, when it comes to the service life stipulated by the state, we also have to scrap it in accordance with the regulations, which is directly related to construction safety and enterprise reputation.