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How to distinguish the qualified aluminum alloy Truss

Feb 03, 2018

High-quality aluminum

1、Visual inspection:  Good appearance and color to be consistent and high brightness. Uniform mechanical pattern without black liner and no burrs, smooth tube body.

2、Chemical properties: To ensure the alloy material requirements, corrosion resistance and meet the ROHS, a quality aluminum plant equipped with Melting furnace and online degassing and tube filtration and other high-end alloy manufacturing device.

3、Mechanical properties: Several tensile testing machines to ensure that each aluminum tube in line in quality control according to the European standards and 15% -25% beyond. Hardness: 15HW above. Also, good performance on fatigue resistance.

4、Process and TraceabilityCurvature, twist degree as per high-precision implementation and EN 102043.1




Poor aluminum: 

Color dull, no brightness, no metallic luster and have burrs.
No alloy melting ability, and can not guarantee the alloy is a real 6061 T6 material.

No tensile testing machines, only by testing the hardness of aluminum pipe to determine the mechanical properties of aluminum tubes (High hardness, low toughness, prone to brittle fracture)


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