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How to choose TRUSS rack?

Jul 27, 2019

The TRUSS frame is a commonly used building structural material that can be divided into tripods, plane frames, and space frames depending on its structure. Regardless of the type of TRUSS frame, the main force it receives is axial tension or axial pressure, so it can play a better role in building various building structures.


How to choose the right shelf.

1, according to the use of the choice

Since the TRUSS rack manufacturers offer a variety of different types of TRUSS racks, the first thing you need to consider when choosing is what kind of occasions you will use them, because different types of racks are suitable for each application. Focus on. For example, if a company purchases a truss used to build a factory, then it is best to choose a triangular TRUSS rack.

2, according to the span of the construction to choose

Different types of TRUSS racks can provide different spans of construction. Especially in the construction of large spans, the TRUSS rack needs to provide stronger support in the middle of the span, so the chord part of the rack will be subjected to greater stress. In addition, there is also a high requirement in terms of stiffness on the outer side of the structural plane, so the requirements for span should be fully considered when selecting.

3, according to the convenience of construction to choose

When choosing the TRUSS rack, we must fully consider the convenience of construction. Especially when it is used to build a temporary stage, the TRUSS rack, which is light in weight and easy to install and disassemble, can provide better service, not only can reduce Transportation costs can also reduce the number of construction workers.