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How to choose the stage height

May 09, 2017

Here we will introduce how to choose the stage height:

  20cm high stage is usually used for small or indoor activities.Due to the small size.so we need to avoid distance with audience, such as birthday parties, internal conpany conference, product recommendations, etc where all want to have access to the audience with a close contact and communication, 20cm high stage will have the best effect.

Aluminum Glass Stage 3.jpg

  40cm high stage is the most commonly used which is the most good-looking, especially for the stage assembly of celebration, opening ceremony, company annual meeting, unveiling ceremony, large enterprises.40cm high stage not only can create a formal and solemn scenic atmosphere, but also has a interaction with audience in a close distance.

Aluminum Glass Stage 5.jpg

  60cm high stage is usually used concerts, star meeting which has a large scale with a large number of people in order to make audience have a good visual effect.

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