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How to choose aluminum scaffolding

Sep 03, 2019


Looking at our company's detailed scaffolding album, the shrimp usually looks like a slap in the face, and keeps asking: Which one should I choose? In fact, my family's scaffolding contains the following dimensions.

Length: 2/2.5/3 meters

Width: 0.75/1.35 meters

Height: 2-40 meters

The above dimensions can be arbitrarily matched, for example 2*0.75*4 meters, 2.5*1.35*15 meters.

2. Ladder style

Straight climb, sloping, hanging ladder

3. Special circumstances

Have you encountered such a situation? I wanted to go to a construction site with a ladder, but found that scaffolding couldn't get a pickup truck or a small bread. At this time, you can consider our company's folding scaffolding. She is slim and flexible, foldable, and only 0.68*1.4 meters long and wide.https://www.aluscaffold.com/