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How to choose aluminum scaffolding

Aug 14, 2019


Looking at our company's detailed scaffolding album, the shrimp usually looks like a slap in the face, and keeps asking: Which one should I choose? In fact, my family's scaffolding contains the following dimensions.

Length: 2/2.5/3 meters

Width: 0.75/1.35 meters

Height: 2-40 meters

The above dimensions can be arbitrarily matched, for example 2*0.75*4 meters, 2.5*1.35*15 meters.

From an economic point of view, buyers must choose a small size.

However, from a practical point of view, you should choose a length, a width, a height and a larger size. Because the platform above the scaffolding is more spacious and moves more smoothly. Since our company's scaffolding is detachable, even if the size is larger, it can be disassembled to meet the construction needs, and the flexibility is very strong.

The key to choosing the size of the scaffold is to fully understand the construction site and the handling route. If the scaffolding that can be pushed by the wheel is removed, it is removed due to the site, or because the elevator or door opening size is not considered in advance.

2. Ladder style

Straight climb, sloping, hanging ladder

3. Special circumstances

Have you encountered such a situation? I wanted to go to a construction site with a ladder, but found that scaffolding couldn't get a pickup truck or a small bread. At this time, you can consider our company's folding scaffolding. She is slim and flexible, foldable, and only 0.68*1.4 meters long and wide.

If there are bumps on the ground or at high altitude, then you should consider custom drift or bump scaffolding, bridge.https://www.aluscaffold.com/