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How to better store the stairs accessories

Jan 19, 2017
´╗┐The choice of stairs with the life of the stairs is closely related to the life of the stairs with the staircase cleaning and maintenance is also closely related. Choose a good quality staircase accessories can guarantee the staircase of the firm, so as to ensure our personal safety. The following Xinxiang City Xinwei ladder accessories Xiaobian to introduce you to the stairs under the accessories how to better storage:

To better store the stairs accessories, first of all to choose a place where the environment is more dry storage, and staircase parts to be packaged before they can. In addition, in order to avoid prolonged storage of the dust produced by grinding the surface of the staircase fittings, we need a staircase in the surface layer of accessories. Finally, we need to staircase fittings marked models, and separate them stored, so you can easily distinguish, but also to avoid the stairs with different materials, accessories, corruption and friction. This is conducive to staircase accessories better storage.