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How long does it take to build a complete aluminum scaffolding?

Nov 29, 2019

The full name of aluminum alloy scaffolding is called aluminum alloy mobile quick-loading scaffolding. It is understood from the definition of attribute name that the assembly of this type of product must save time and effort. The question is: How much manpower is required for a completed product, and how long can it be set up?

According to the company's many years of design and construction experience statistics, the commonly used 6-meter platform height aluminum scaffolding, 2 people with normal hands to build, only build time is about 6-10 minutes. A set of platform height of 10 meters, 2-3 people can be controlled within 15 minutes.

For super high-rise or modular scaffolding platforms, the setup time will vary according to the actual design of the project. At the time of design, it is considered to increase the labor as much as possible during the construction and dismantling, and complete the work in the shortest time, so as to help the builder to save costs to the utmost.

The aluminum alloy scaffolding adopts a snap-on modular design. After the professional training, the general operator can easily grasp the setting method and the setting technique. The process of erection is safe and reliable.