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How is the application effect of lighting aluminum truss?

Mar 14, 2018

In the current market, lighting aluminum truss is much welcomed by users. Due to the removable design, the appearance is beautiful, the construction is convenient, the height can be adjusted, and the stability is strong, adding effects to the performance. Therefore, the lighting aluminum truss is becoming more and more popular. As a relatively popular event stage, it has provided a good user experience for the majority of users.


The main advantages of the lighting aluminum truss are summarized: on-site installation and disassembly are very fast and convenient, improve the installation efficiency, and the stage performance is safe and durable. The stage adopts 1.22M in length and 1.22M in height, and there are various adjustment options for height. Users can arbitrarily unit the structure to meet different geographical conditions. The stage table frame is made of high-quality aluminum alloy welding, and the structure is elegant. A T-shaped groove is designed around the frame to facilitate the user's various decorations on the stage.


The lighting aluminum truss itself is of good quality and has better use effect. At the same time, it is equipped with a stage stair step, so that it can be more flexible placed on the stage anywhere to facilitate the performers to step on the stage when the performance is performed. The overall effect is perfect and the quality is guaranteed. Can also be combined with the actual needs of custom size.


The characteristics of lighting aluminum truss product introduction: mainly made of aluminum alloy material, not only high strength, but also light weight, the main rod adopts 50*2, the inclined rod adopts 20*2 round tube, and is supplemented by high-thickness four-word. The aluminum alloy tube reinforces the solidity of the entire structure of the aluminum alloy frame so that it can reach a higher load capacity.


Lighting aluminum truss products can be used in shopping malls, stadiums, exhibition halls and other indoor lighting hangers. A variety of cut specifications, for users to choose. In short, lighting aluminum truss can achieve better results in practical applications.